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One to OneBehaviour sessions for Aggression, Reactivity, Separation, Socialisation, Pulling on the lead, Jumping up and Recall from a qualified, professional, postive Practitioner.

Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hampshire and London.

Puppy Education Programme. From the moment your puppy arrives you can start a positive learning plan. Starting early helps to build a positive foundation for trust, confidence and good learning experiences.

One to One behaviour session. These sessions are individually tailored to you and your dog and are based on learning and developing positive real life skills.

Positive, specialised Lead Skills Sessions. Positive handling and lead skills to improve your dogs skills.

Workshops and Talks. A great way to learn, explore and discover a variety of opportunities to develop your own and your dogs skills, knowledge and behaviour in a group.

Social walks and Socialisation sessions for reactive and non reactive dogs and dogs that need their space Developing good skills at both endsof the lead.

Lead and handling skills for real life- How to enjoy your walk without your dog pulling, lunging and hauling.

On Lead Aggression, Reactivity and Conflict in Dogs - Understanding how to manage and prevent it, safely.

Solving Problem Behaviour- Discover natural and simple ways to improve your dogs behaviour.

Canine communication and Body Language - Developing an understanding of a dogs language to improve relationships and wellbeing.

Behaviour sessions are based on real life learning to improve dog behaviour and help owners develop skills and knowledge for a positive, enriched life of quality, well being and harmony.

10 am to 1 pm on a Saturday For further information please contact me, Dawn Allen on 07941 517571 or via email dawn.allen@fourpositivepaws.co.uk

Qualified, Insured and DBS checked
Associate member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe
Pain free, positive education and learning with respect for dogs and owners.

I specialise in newly homed rescue dogs, reactivity, separation issues, loose lead walking, canine communication, body language and stress reduction so that owners can enjoy their dogs. 

My philosophy is simply to help dog owners understand their dogs behaviour to achieve change that improves life for the owner and the dog. 

Current qualifications in Canine Communication, Behaviour and Well Being OCN L4

Why choose Four Positive Paws? Dog Behaviour problems can be frustrating, upsetting and exhausting. I provide professional, qualified, appropriate support for owners and their dogs.Dogs are all individual and I work on that basis to develop skills that prevent and improve issues.

I am an associate member of PDTE - Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and work within their professional code of conduct.

Unwanted behaviour from your pet dog can be stressful, upsetting, embarrassing and frustrating. My aim is to help you develop a success strategy to build a strong, confident and trusting relationship with your dog so that you can enjoy all that is great about pet ownership.

Knowledge, understanding and good communication help to put owners and dogs in a positive position to learn about and change dog behaviour and develop good skills.

Telephone 01342 324434 or 07941 517571 

e-mail: dawn.allen@fourpositivepaws.co.uk

If you are not familiar with Four Positive Paws and your first contact with me is online: I would be pleased to hear from you! Do let me know what your needs and questions are, I will be happy to help.

In brief, I provide dog training/behaviour classes, one to one sessions and workshops. Four Positive Paws provide outstanding service to  clients and their pet dogs. My specialty is in the area of Dog Training and behaviour. My regular customers particularly like my reliability, integrity and professionalism.  Four Positive Paws is located in East Grinstead and  provides dog training and behaviour services in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Gatwick.

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