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Just wanted to say thank you so much for the course you did today at Raystede.
It's a relief to know there are trainers out there that practice this way and I'm not crazy for wanting to be in tune with the dogs I work with as opposed to telling them no and constantly correcting them.
I'm vegan and put everything in to the dogs at work but honestly wish people would realise that a relationship with your dog is so much more worthwhile than an ownership.
I'll be looking at more of your courses and practicing them at work.
The no treats also really interested me and made so much sense.
It must be so difficult to try and teach these techniques to people as they want quick results but wow would we have some well balanced, content dogs if people followed what you teach!
Thanks again and hope to see your work in practice in the future.

‘I have a leggy and energetic 1 year old German Shepard Foxhound Cross and have never owned a dog before. I fully expected to have to undergo much training with him, being a puppy, and puppy classes went well. Then we got out into the ‘real world’ and suddenly I found that I had a dog who would only listen when he wanted to. With this, I found Dawn who pointed out some amazing tips on how to respond to his behaviours and since then we are both far more relaxed and he’s responding well to my commands, something which before was a little ad-hoc!. Thank you Dawn for showing us the way. Would recommend a session to anyone'.

Harley is so much better to Walk now. He is able to move on regardless of what he sees.
We actually managed to pass another Dog on a country Lane on Saturday. East Grinstead

I have 4 rescue dogs and I worked with dawn to help me learn skills walking the latest one (Bruno). Bruno pulls like a train! Dawn showed me techniques on loose lead walking. She took us to a low density dog walking area so we didn't have to worry about other dogs. Both myself and Bruno thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt new skills
Thank u Dawn
Vicky and Bruno 

Our dog had been a happy off lead dog able to mix well with other dogs. He then had a number of negative experiences involving attacks by other dogs which resulted in him becoming fearful and reactive on lead. Dawn showed us how to build up our dogs confidence on his walks and explained the importance of having a calm dog as a foundation for improving his behaviour and him regaining his confidence while out on his walks .Mr and Mrs M, West Sussex

Dawn came to work with a young American Bull Dog pup from a rescue who has quite a few issues. Before our session we have spoken on the phone and all the advice over the weeks has made such a difference. When dawn entered my house yesterday it was amazing to see the reaction from my dogs in her presence they just knew that this lady knew their ways. To watch dawn with Athena and the natural approach that dawn uses is truly wonderful to watch and to see a young 7 month old pup responding and enjoying her walk was wonderful. The oils that dawn also offered Athena worked wonders too. I would highly recommend this type of behaviourist work and if you manage to get dawn then you and your dog/s will be extremely lucky. Don't give up and do as you are advised it pays off Incredible lady and a lovely approach to troubled dogs. S.A Kent

'I have had dogs for over ten years so I didn't think I would have a problem fostering Ash.
Ash was found with broken ribs. While in kennels he chewed his tail off, and ground his teeth down trying to escape. He was a bag a bones when picked him up, it took him a month to reach a healthy weight.
Ash then started to show aggression towards me and bit me on four different occasions. I was getting close to making a decision to have Ash destroyed.
Then Dawn came to my house, she observed the interactions between Ash, my other two dogs and me. Dawn explained Ash's body language to me and how I had to alter my behaviour and my routine to make him feel comfortable.
As a result of Dawn's guidance there has been no more biting. Ash has come to trust me, he is never far from my side. I can't thank Dawn enough for her help, and saving Ash's life. I love him to bits and plan to keep him forever.'
Erika - Kent

Thank you so much, it was a revelation to be honest, explaining how our dog works. Having a new rescue dog was somewhat overwhelming, you unravelled it all simply and in a non patronising way. Thank you! Stuart - East Grinstead

We were recommended Dawn by our feed supplier to help with our boxer, Khala. We bought Khala as an 18 month old from last chance rescue, whilst she is a very lovable family dog she did have some quite serious behaviour issues. Dawn has been very kind and patient with Khala and has trained her to be obedient and a pleasure to walk. We consider this service to be extremely valuable as it has made owning our dog a great pleasure. We would recommend Dawn to anyone who has problems with their dog as Dawn's input makes a very positive impact.bob and sophie denny

We would highly recommend Four Positive Paws. The company certainly lives up to its name. Mr & Mrs M – West Sussex

My Springer really benefits from the time she spends with Four Positive Paws, I’ve seen an improvement in her behaviour and she always comes back tired and happy.Mr J -West Sussex

Having taken on a stray rescue mongrel from Dogs Trust, it became apparent quite quickly that we had taken on a challenge and needed help as he is particularly nervous around other dogs, especially when on lead.  Dawn's visits and her calm, intuitive assessments of the behaviour of our dog gave us both the much needed confidence to continue with him in our life.
 Mr& Mrs S – Kent