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Socialisation sessions. Good socialisation is important for puppies starting out in life and also for dogs of any age that may have either missed out on socialisation or that have had bad experiences. All dogs are individual with different needs, skills and Abilities. A Good Socialisation session can help improve and develop Good Socialisation Skills.

Lead skills sessions - Learning how to have a calmer, more enjoyable walk

Positive Puppy Education Programme - setting your puppy up for success and learning about how to teach appropriate Skills for Real Life.

One to One Behaviour Sessions -Unwanted and misunderstood Behaviour can be distressing, embarrassing and frustrating.Gain an understanding and insight into the cause of unwanted behaviour and explore how to work with your dog to make changes that  can improve behaviour, well being and develop an informed and positive relationship.

Separation issues, Aggression and Reactivity, Nipping, Biting, Mouthing, Pulling on the Lead, excessive Barking, House Training, Destructive Behaviour.

Specialised Walks - for dogs with specific needs including Aggression, Reactivity and Fearfulness

Workshops and Talks - Current and Popular topics including Aggression, Reactivity and Sensitivity, Good Socialisation, Lead Skills for enjoyable walks, Safety and the law, Bite Prevention for adults and children and Problem Solving.

A new home - for people that would like help to settle in their new dog. Help and support with choosing your new dog and settling him in to his new home. What to do on the first day, first weeks and first months.

The Doggie Days Out Experience A special treat for your Dog. A Safe and enjoyable experience  Coastal, Woodlad, Open Country. Single Dogs or dogs from multi dog homes only. Your dog will NOT be put in a Van with a group of unfamiliar dogs.

Behaviour Sessions - About how they work

Prior to your Behaviour Session. I ask you to have your dog health checked by your Vet to rule out any underlying health issues. As a professional Behaviour Practitioner I work on Vet Referral.

I take a detailed history of your Dog/Puppy and establish what you would like to achieve.

The behaviour sessions take place in your home and outside if appropriate for your Dog/Puppy.

The session will cover useful strategies you can implement to improve and change your dogs behaviour.

For Puppies, the emphasis is on how to teach puppy good skills including toilet training, chewing the right things, meeting and greeting and social skills.

The specialised walks will include an initial discussion to discuss your specific needs and an agreed walking programme.

It can be upsetting and distressing to have a dog that is practising unwanted behaviour including, separation issues, barking, aggression, pulling, chewing, jumping up, anti social behaviour in your home and out in public, stealing food and other items, digging up the garden, grabbing or mouthing, obsessing, guarding food, toys, people and not coming back when  off the lead.

Many people put up with unwanted behaviour hoping that it will go away or because they just don't know how to change it. One behaviour often leads to another and the situation escalates. In some cases the dog/owner relationship deterioriates and breaks down and can lead to the distressing decision to rehome the dog either to another family or to a rescue centre. Sadly in some cases owners resort to having their once beloved pet put to sleep despite being healthy and in many cases still young. 

One to one behaviour sessions can be helpful for dogs and owners that are unable to attend  classes either because of behavioural issues or for health reasons.

Workshops- Come along and enjoy learning in a respectuful, calm and inclusive environment. Topics include Good socialisation, coping with being home alone, surviving separation, aggression and reactivity and barking problems.