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Firework Season can be distressing for Dogs and their owners. There is a lot of information available with many different suggestions for fixing the Fear. Every Dog is Individual and one size doesn't fit all. It can be tempting to try lots of different things. Consider what might work for your Dog, keep it simple and ensure the Dog is as comfortable as possible. I prefer to use the least invasive options for my own Dogs. I have, over the years tried many different things. There is plenty of misinformation too. One piece of advice I have read is to not comfort your Fearful Dog. This is a rather outmoded piece of information that is still suggested. It isn't one I agree with but because all Dogs are individual it will depend on many variables. Blanket statements and generelist information is abundent. For individual support consider your individual Dog.

Why Does My Dog Do That! Dogs do Dog things that can seem baffling, frustrating, upsetting and embarrassing. Exploring why our Dogs do what they do can help provide a better understanding and enable us to make informed decisions about How to Help our Dogs cope better with life and improve their Skills and Behaviour

I know from my own experiences with my Four Rescue Dogs and with Clients Dogs during remedial Behaviour Work that when we have less expectation and focus more on learning how to understand what our individual dogs needs are we are more likely to achieve success.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy

I am a fully qualified Applied Zoopharmacognosy Canine Practitioner. This is a fascinating complementary support. Explore how it may be of interest to you and for your Dog