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Positive Puppy Programme

Pre-puppy - A new PUPPY can be excitng and daunting. Getting help to settle your puppy into your home and preparing him or her for life with you will help you get off to a good start. I teach real life skills to set you and your Puppy up for success.

Puppy Socialisation- Discover and Explore what good socialisation is and how to get it right for your individual Puppies needs and skills level. Learn how to avoid overwhelm and fearfulness and develop a positive Puppy strategy for success.

Puppy Education Programme - Puppy Development, Health, Good Socialisation, Walking nicely on the Lead, ToiletTtraining, preventing Jumping up, Teething and Chewing and skills for real life. This is a great way to learn about your Puppies needs, his development needs and stages and how to set her up for Success.

Private Puppy Lessons if you are unable to attend classes or would prefer 100% of the lesson time for themsef and your puppy. Real life lessons for your Puppy.

One to one behaviour sessions are often misinterpreted to mean isolation and avoidance. On the contrary, they are about inclusion and real life practice.  One to one sessions are a fantastic way to learn about and practice good socialisation, good lead walking and good behaviour in your dogs every day, real life environment.. Walking, meeting and socialising with other dogs and people during a walk is real life learning.

Popular behaviour issues include, good socialisation, living with a multi dog household, Introducing a new dog into your home, how to stop your dog pulling on the lead, separation issues, destructive behaviour, aggression, toilet training and inappropriaet barking.

Good socialisation - Setting you and your dog up for success, introducing them to other dogs appropriately and avoiding common pitfalls.

Good Socialisation and how to get it right for you and your dog.

Unwanted dog behaviour to us humans is often simply DOG behaviour to our dogs.Explore the cause of unwanted behaviour that will put you in a position to teach your dog appropriate skills for better behaviour.  

Developng and enhancing your knowledge, skills and understanding enables you to change and improve unwanted behaviour.

Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings and learn how to support and develop your dog.

Learn how to avoid and improve common challenges like, Pulling on the Lead, Excessive Barking, Separation Issues, Reactive and Aggressive behaviour, Defensive Guarding Behaviours and Recall.

I offer a fresh and interesting way to help you teach your dogs good skills. If you are interested in learning about practical, real life skills for you and your dog and would like to experience the benefits of a deeper understanging of your dog please contact me and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Four Positive Paws can help you unpack and unpick Unwanted Behaviour.