We all want the very best for our Dogs.

Getting professional help early with Nervous, Anxious or Aggressive Behaviours so that we can make a difference for a safe and enjoyable relationship with our dogs

We all want the very best for our Dogs.

Getting professional help early with Nervous, Anxious or Aggressive Behaviours so that we can make a difference for a safe and enjoyable relationship with our dogs

Real Life, Calm Dogs, Happy Owners

Living with a dog that behaves in a way that can cause distress, embarrassment, discomfort, fear, anxiety and overwhelm can take its toll on our own and our dogs well-being.

Getting help as soon as the behaviours start is really important to prevent, manage and improve the behaviour and preserving or rebuilding a relationship that is safe and based on trust and confidence.

Seeking opinions on social media, other pet dog owners or unqualified dog trainers/behaviour practitioners can result in getting outdated, outmoded information that at best can be ineffective and inappropriate and at worse can result in serious risk to owner, dog and others.

If you are serious about getting professional, up to date and non-invasive support, investing time to learn what your individual dog needs and implementing a strategy that your dog will benefit from, these programmes are for you.

I offer programmes because one off sessions rarely work well or do justice in providing the support and commitment necessary to make progress and enjoy the benefits of a better quality of life.

I offer a complimentary, discovery call to discuss your dog’s behaviour, to ensure you are confident with the value and force free methods, for peace of mind before making a decision to proceed and to make sure you are happy with the programme that is the best fit for you and your dog.

Safe Walks for Dogs that need Space

A fantastic course for dedicated and caring pet parents that want to enjoy safe walks with peace of mind

About Me

Committed to provide clients with force free solutions for dog behaviour problems. Four Positive Paws puts clients first, is well respected and referred by vets, holistic practitioners and canine professionals. Dawn helps clients reclaim the enjoyment of living with their dog and specialises in helping owners with dogs displaying nervous, anxious, aggressive behaviours. Well being and respect for owners and dogs is at the core of Dawn’s ethos.

Dawn Allen Certified Canine Behaviourist specialising in anxious, fearful and reactive British and overseas dogs.

I specialise in fearful, anxious and aggressive behaviour and I work with people that are serious about and are committed to embarking on a behaviour programme based on the core of the behaviour to explore and develop their own knowledge and skills to so that they can improve their own and their dogs quality of life.  I am Qualified, insured and experienced. My ethos is Human and Canine Centred, based on real life for positive change.

I am a proud to be a full member of INTODogs, ICAN, PPN and the Sheila Harper Community and uphold the ethics of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.

I cover West and East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and London.

Bespoke Behaviour Programmes

suitable for all ages from Puppy to Adolescent to Adult

Every dog and owner is individual and benefits from their own programme and support shaped to suit their needs.

The learning that takes place transitions beyond the individual session and programme providing strategies that can continue to be practised for positive outcomes for the future.

Reactive to Reconnected

For owners looking for a starter programme to reduce vocal reactivity and enjoy walking and living with a calmer dog and is based on triage and management. This programme works well for committed owners looking to put in place shorter term strategies. The investment for this 4 week programme is £450

Reactive to Responsive

For owners that are living or caring for dogs that have bitten or attempted to bite people or dogs, multi dog homes, well practised behaviours and works well for committed owners looking to have a better understanding and optimum relationship with their dog. The investment for this 8 week programme is £700

Ultimate Reactive to Relaxed

For owners that love to learn and have a desire to explore and achieve a deeper understanding of their dogs behaviour. A deep dive learning journey into experiencing calm, relaxed co-habiting. The investment for this 12 week programme is £995

Puppy Education Programme

Having experienced the significant benefits to puppy’s confidence and well-being by teaching real life skills I have moved away from the standard, traditional obedience, command-based exercises. You and your puppy get individual support and you receive bespoke, tailored reference notes, video analysis and additional resources that can be accessed beyond the end of the programme. This bespoke education programme is especially suitable for nervous or anxious puppies.

Puppies and puppy parents deserve the best education and support for success, to avoid the pitfalls and stress of puppy care giving.

If you are serious about your puppy’s education and well-being and you are committed to learning what a puppy needs for a good quality life to co-habit in harmony and you are serious about turning your learning into action this programme is for you.

The programme is dynamic and flexible to accommodate individual needs, and learning styles.  The focus is on facilitating and coaching rather than instructing so that both puppy and care giver can develop skills for life-long learning. The investment for this 5 week programme is £250.


Dawn ‘gets dogs’ completely and is a very friendly lady. Highly recommended.

Our reactive dog is so much better to walk now. He is able to move on regardless of what he sees. We actually managed to pass another dog on a country lane.

Dawn’s gentle, kind approach helped me with my unruly dog.

Dawn has helped us understand our pooch much more clearly! We were dealing with separation issues and she really took the time to listen to us, understand our lifestyle and made suggestions that really ‘fit’ for us. Thank you, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, or to use you again if we needed more help.

Bruno pulls like a train! Dawn showed me techniques on loose lead walking. Both myself and Bruno thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt new skills. Thank you Dawn

Thank you so much, it was a revelation to be honest, explaining how our dog works. Having a new rescue dog was somewhat overwhelming, you unravelled it all simply and in a non patronising way.

Contact Me

To ensure you get the right information for you and your dog’s individual needs and to help you make an informed decision I ask for a mutual commitment to engage in a discovery call. During the call you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and priorities. I will then have a clear understanding of your expectations. I will be able to provide you with accurate and relevant information about the best programme to suit you and discuss the rates and availability. The discovery call takes approximately 30 minutes.

Please complete the enquiry form and provide the following details:

Name, age and breed of dog, a description of the behaviours you have observed, when the behaviour started, how long your dog has lived with you, what you have tried so far.