Dogs that are not well behaved should not be off lead

by | Apr 18, 2022

This was a headline and a topic on televesion yesterday in the UK.There was a discussion that touched on a number of myths about dog walks and exercise. There was an association and a presumption that a dog is somehow lacking quality exercise if they are on lead. That a dog must run to burn energy off otherwise it will lead to behaviour issues.There was talk of making sure dogs got enough exercise by using a walking belt and cycling or running with a dog.There is one single fact to consider. All dogs are individual.We can really make a difference in our own and our dogs lives by understanding those individual needs.Walks on lead can be enriching, can enhance connection and communication and can keep us and our dogs safe.Some dogs have to be walked on lead only. Those walks don’t have to be restrictive, they don’t have to be unsafe and they can meet a dogs physical, emotional and mental needs that don’t lead to behaviour issues.My thoughts about the headline? Could it have been ‘Dogs that are not well skilled should not be off lead’?The near miss I had this week with the three large, over stimulated, loose dogs was unpleasant for me. It could have been very frightening for a non dog person or a person with a dog that needs space.If you want to know what to do to keep yourself and your dogs safer, to give yourself more confidence and to feel more in control of your walks this free 5 day mini course is for you and your dog.The mini course is for any pet parent that wants better, safer and more relaxed walks with their dogs. It is for any pet parent that is curious about how to optimise and enhance walks for peace of mind.Each day we will take one element of a walk and explore simple steps that can make a big difference.