I Cannot Do This Anymore!

by | Apr 4, 2022

Living with a dog that behaves in a reactive way towards people, unfamiliar dogs, traffic, birds, cats and other triggers can put a strain on our human canine relationship.

What is a trigger?

Similar to human triggers it can be something in the environment or a situation that sparks a reaction that is often immediate and on a scale that might be considered out of proportion.

When our dog lunges, vocalises or snaps at triggers while we are out on a walk or have visitors it can feel overwhelming, stressful, embarrassing and even frightening.

Getting help at the earliest displays of reactive behaviour can prevent things escalating, provide the knowledge and skills to understand what is causing the issues and provide support at both ends of the lead.

It can be lonely when we just want to enjoy a walk with other people and their dogs, it can jangle our nerves when we’ve had another reactive experience and it can feel hopeless at times.

Putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first, giving ourselves support and taking care of ourselves can sometimes be overlooked. It is an integral part of the whole picture and moving forward.

There are a few things we can consider including:
*Giving ourselves a walk free day
*Going for a walk without our dog
*Breathing techniques for bringing ourselves back into balance
*Meet up with a friend or another canine care giver that understands

Join a supportive, fear free group to share or just for support.