Why I Decided to Specialize in Reactive Behaviour

by | Apr 20, 2022

I experienced it first hand with my own dogs, with foster dogs and through rescue organisations.It is one of the most challenging behaviours for so many pet parents to live with.So many dogs are relinquished or PTS because of reactive type behaviours.

Because I have experienced the pain, the frustration, the sadness, the overwhelm, the embarrassment, the stress and the guilt of living with and through dogs that have been euthenised for reactive behaviours, that have been relinquished to bursting at the seams rescues and have had to be privately rehomed.

Because I have also experienced the breakthroughs, the successes, the adaptations and adjustments that can make a difference to pet parents and dogs lives.

I have celebrated those moments when our walks feel safer, we are able to invite visitors to our homes and we can enjoy our dogs for who they are and can be.

I have celebrated those moments with pet parents that felt they couldn’t cope any more, when things have been really tough and we have explored and navigated what is possible and what can be done to learn to live with and enhance quality of life from both ends of the lead.

It isn’t an easy or simple journey. It can be really demanding emotionally. It can be sad and it can be joyous.

Change can take time and sometimes there isn’t enough for pet parents and their companion. I support pet parents in difficult times and through the challenges so that there is every possibility to keep their dog and live and walk safely or discuss their options for the best progression if that dog cannot stay in that home.

Living with a dog that behaves reactively can gift us the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding about what our dog needs, how to meet those needs and to take care of our own needs too.

We may see good progress relatively quickly, we may need a little longer to iron out some issues or we may be in it for the long game, creating change that is a best fit.

I sometimes ask myself why.

Why do I choose to live with and take care of dogs that behave reactively? Why did I choose to work with dogs that have bitten or attempted to bite, that lunge, growl, bark or want to take flight and struggle with visitors, walks, traffic, livestock and wildlife?

My answer is because I have an affinity with this behaviour, I have empathy and have the skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference. I know it is possible to create a best quality of life.

You don’t need to struggle or suffer, you don’t need to punish your dog or have the relationship break down. You can get support that is force free, non invasive and focuses on relationship.

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